Welcome to the 4th AEK Autumn School 2018

Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Janssen Congress Chair
Prof. Dr. Klaus-Peter Janssen
Prof. Dr. Rainer Enger AEK Chair
Prof. Dr. Rainer Engers
Prof. Dr. Jürgen C. Becker
Prof. Dr. Jürgen C. Becker
Dr. Jens Hoffmann
Dr. Jens Hoffmann


Dear colleagues and cancer scientists,

encouraged by the success of the first three AEK Autumn Schools in 2015 through 2017, it is our great pleasure to announce the 4th AEK Autumn School to be held in Potsdam (Berlin/Brandenburg), November 5-7, 2018.

The Autumn School is organized by the experimental cancer research organization of the German Cancer Society (AEK, Abteilung Experimentelle Krebsforschung), which represents the majority of experimental cancer research scientists in Germany, with currently over 920 members. AEK's major aim is to stimulate scientific exchange in cancer research and to support young cancer scientists. In this context the well-known biennial International AEK Cancer Congress is the central platform for scientists from Germany and neighbouring countries in basic and translational cancer research with a tradition of more than 30 years (www.aek-congress.org).

The 4th AEK Autumn School addresses again a particularly exciting and rapidly emerging field in current experimental and clinical cancer research: 

Cancer Metabolism and Stemness

The altered metabolism of cancer cells has emerged in recent years as a central hallmark of cancer formation. Oncogenic mutations are thought to induce a dramatic rewiring of the cellular biosynthetic circuitry that is pivotal for the survival of cancer cells. Moreover, many of these metabolic changes are closely correlated with stem-cell like properties. By hijacking cellular stemness programs, cancer cells can acquire metastatic and chemoresistant properties. Therefore, cancer metabolism and stemness are not only important areas of current basic cancer research, but have also profound translational implications for clinical oncology. Therefore, we are excited to announce the 4th AEK Autumn School in Berlin-Brandenburg, close to the historic site where Nobel laureate Otto Heinrich Warburg discovered oxidative glycolysis in cancer cells, the so-called “Warburg Effect”.

The format with nationally and internationally renowned speakers, a limited number of participants as well as the outstanding conference venue will allow in-depth and comprehensive discussions in an inspiring environment. We are delighted that the Autumn School will be held for the first time in the historic city of Potsdam, Brandenburg, at a scenic lake side location surrounded by nature, yet at the same time close to the German capital and cultural hub Berlin.

Please note that the number of participants is limited to 25 and registration takes place on a first-come, first-served base. Accommodation is available at the conference venue. A limited number of rooms has been reserved by the organizers and booking by participants is required by September 10, 2018.

We are grateful to the German Cancer Society (Deutsche Krebsgesellschaft) and German Cancer Aid (Deutsche Krebshilfe) for their support, enabling us to organize this Autumn School and allowing us to provide travel bursaries for the three participants with the best scientific contributions.

We hope you will enjoy the 4th AEK Autumn School's exciting scientific program in an inspiring environment. We are confident that you will return from the conference with many new insights and ideas as well as with new friends and scientific contacts enriching your further scientific work.

Kind regards,

Klaus-Peter Janssen   Rainer Engers   Jürgen C. Becker   Jens Hoffmann