Main Topic
Replication Stress in Cancer

Important Facts
20-25 PhD/MD students and postdocs
first-come, first-served base 

The focus of this autumn school will be to inspire and guide the young scientists. Beyond lecturing their projects will be critically discussed, which in our previous autumn schools has often significantly improved the design and outcome of their projects.

Prof. Dr. Rainer Engers, Neuss

Congress Chair
Prof. Dr. Lisa Wiesmüller, Ulm

Scientific & Organizing Commitee
Prof. Dr. Lisa Wiesmüller, Ulm
Prof. Dr. Matthias Dobbelstein, Göttingen
Prof. Dr. Rainer Engers, Neuss

Senior Scientists
Eric Brown, Philadelphia
Matthias Dobbelstein, Göttingen
Vanesa Gottifredi, Buenos Aires
Michael Milyavsky, Tel Aviv
Joanna Morris, Birmingham
Philippe Pasero, Montpellier
Francesca Pisani, Naples
Helmut Pospiech, Jena
Alex Sartori, Zürich
Claus Sørensen, Copenhagen
Lisa Wiesmüller, Ulm